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Cleaning Tips

Here are a few cleaning tips that Grandma swears by!

  • Wipe mini blinds with a damp fabric softener sheet to elimate dust attracting static.
  • Chewing gum in your carpet? Freeze it! Then scrape it off.
  • Make your carpets last longer by vacuuming regularly. This reduces the dirt in the carpet which slashes the fibres.
  • Remember to get your carpets cleaned every 4 months depending on your traffic intensity. This keeps them fresh, the colour lasts longer and reduces the stubborn dirt.
  • Always remove stains and spillages from the carpet immediately. Avoid using harsh chemicals like amonia or soap as these will destroy and fade the carpet. Start by simply using kitchen towel or cloth to soak up excess liquid. Never rub it in!
  • Just because it looks like wood doesn't mean it is. Check it out before you start to polish!

Environmental Tips

Not everything has to be a big deal when it comes to being more environmentally friendly. Here are a few tips to start:

  • Two bins per desk. One for general waste the other for paper waste. Simple but effective.
  • Turn your office temperature down 2 degrees. You save on utlity costs, you help the environment and no one notices the difference!
  • Fit energy saving light bulbs. This doesn't mean bad light! Let them warm up and they will do the job.
  • Sometimes elbow grease can work just as effectively! It costs nothing and is good for the environment!